Alimony Spousal Support


Spousal support, alimony, maintenance all have the same meaning in Everett, Washington.  Maintenance Washington is discretionary.  That is to say, the court has the choice as  to the duration and the amount of the support. In some cases it may not order any spousal support. Celebi Law divorce attorney for men in Everett has extensive experience in alimony spousal support matters.

However, in many cases the court will order temporary spousal support when a party is in need of support and the other party is able to pay for it.  The amount varies according to each party's income and the necessities of life.  Temporary spousal support is paid until the divorce is finalized either by agreement or by a trial.

If the case goes to trial and spousal support is one of the issues of trial, then the court may base the amount and duration on many factors; including and not limited to the duration of the marriage, the economic condition in which the divorce leaves the parties, and the needs of the party requesting versus the other party's ability to pay.  There are many other factors the courts must consider when ordering maintenance.

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