Prenuptial Agreement

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Prenuptial Agreement in Washington State A prenuptial agreement (also referred to as a premarital or antenuptial agreement) is a contract entered into by prospective spouses prior to marriage.  The marriage has to be contemplated.  From the agreement, the property rights of one or both of the pr...

Washington Community Property Law

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Community Property Law in Washington State Community property law in Washington determines the character of a property in marriage or a marriage like relationship. The relationship between spouses is regarded as a type of partnership.  The marriage is a community of which each spouse is a member...

Division of Property in Washington State Divorce

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How to Distribute Property Absent a valid agreement of the parties on the division of property, the trial court must make a series of determinations.  In determining the division of property in Washington State divorce, the court must first decide whether a claimed interest is “property” (as opp...

Filing for Divorce in Washington State

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Jurisdiction of the Court Filling for divorce in Washington State requires jurisdiction of the court on one of the parties. Not all of the issues in a dissolution, separation or declaration of invalidity action need be addressed in one action.  This is referred to as “divisible divorce”.  The co...

Domestic Violence in Parenting Plans

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Find out how to protect your child from domestic violence: The question comes up often: She is married or living with a man with history of domestic violence, how do I protect my child? This is a very valid concern and the answer lies within the statute,  RCW 26.09.191.  This statute deals with...

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