Celebi Law Office family law attorney in Everett works to ensure every client has the divorce information and family law resources they need to understand the divorce process and know what to expect before meeting our Celebi Law Office divorce attorney.  A divorce can be an arduous process, and preparation is the key in minimizing the length your case, Celebi  Law Office family law attorney is  there to help you with this process.

Divorce Petitions

In Washington State a divorce action begins with filing of the Petition for Dissolution.  Party filing the petition is called the Petitioner, the other party is called the Respondent.

If you are the Respondent, don't worry, it is normal for the Petitioner to ask for more than  he/she expects to receive.  He/she will ask for you to pay for attorney fees, spousal support and most of the assets.

Upon service of Summons and the Petition for Dissolution, the Respondent has 20 days to file and serve an Answer.  Otherwise, default order may be entered by the court.

Celebi Law offers free  consultation for 30 minutes to discuss your case whether you are the Petitioner or the Respondent, or you are planning to file for divorce and want to know your rights.

Temporary Orders

If there are issues that cannot wait until mediation or the trial, one of the parties may file a motion for Temporary Orders.  Filing or responding to a motion for Temporary Orders may be an expensive process and because of that Celebi Law attorney will make every effort to settle the issue without litigation.

However, if a settlement is not possible, KC Celebi will aggressively represent you and your interests.


Mediation is a mandatory process in Washington State, prior to trial, unless there is an existing Order of Protection against one of the parties.

Mediation process is beneficial to family law proceedings as more than 80 percent of the cases settle by mediation.  This process avoids the confrontational nature of trial, and it is a much cheaper alternative to trial.

Celebi Law attorney has extensive experience in mediation and will guide you through the whole process.


Sometimes the parties cannot seem to settle their differences or one of the parties is simply determined to go to trial.  In those cases trial is unavoidable. Even though, Celebi Law attorney will work very hard for you to settle the case without the expense of trial, when trial is unavoidable he will aggressively represent you.

Trials may run from few ours to several days, or longer in some instances, depending of the number and the nature of the issues being tried.

Post – Trial

Divorce proceedings is an emotional roller coaster.  Anxiety, depression and anger are common emotions.    Celebi Law attorney will be with you from the beginning to the end.  He will guide you and inform you throughout the process.

All along the path, leading to the entry of the divorce decree, your attorney will be on your side and provide you with advise.

Once the divorce is finalized, you will feel the relief and will go on with your new life.  All along the path, leading to the entry of the divorce decree, your attorney will be on your side and provide you with advise.

Your Case is Our Top Priority

Our office acts as your voice in litigation. We ensure that your case is handled as appropriately and as smoothly as possible. You can rest assured we can appropriately represent your interests throughout the case. Our focus is on our clients' goals and we design a strategy to help our clients achieve those goals. While we prefer to be peacemakers, we understand that there are times when litigation or trial is the only solution; and during those times we use our litigation skills to protect our clients' interests.

How We Help

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