Worth every penny

Kubilaye turned out to be quite a competent attorney. My case was a messy divorce with domestic violence, custody battle and all. To make matters worse “the husband” decided he was going to fix me by screwing with my status at immigration. It was a nightmare … sleepless nights, depression, and migraines the likes of which I'd never known before. I didn't know what to do until a wonderful friend of mine suggested Kubilaye; when I went to see him I noticed she wasn't exaggerating on his references. He was patient and he listened. He didn't make me feel like just another meal ticket and I got the impression that he understood what it was like to be in my shoes so i felt completely comfortable talking to him. Usually people don't get it, they can imagine what it's like but you have to have experienced the nightmare to know what I mean, and Kubilaye got it. As I talked with him more I found he was very knowledgeable and he didn't deflect when there wasn't an answer right away but rather he was forward and would research the particular laws that applied to my complicated case. Later, he told me about organizations out there that help victims of domestic violence. He guided me toward the right kind of help and followed up with me to make sure things were going well and that I was staying on track with the assistance I was receiving, while he dealt with the legal issues. Ultimately, Kubilaye won my divorce case, my custody battle, and the immigration was off my back. My life has been completely turned around in a positive way since and the long unhappy days are just distant memories. Please, understand that I don't mean to over sale this man. He was not the first attorney I consulted especially when it came to immigration. I spent lots of money just to be told that i couldn't be helped. But Kubilaye didn't give me false hope and he did a tremendous amount of research until he found a way, all at a very reasonable cost. God knows what it's like going through hard times and how many crooked attorneys are out there trying to make a few bucks off of victims. But domestic violence is not a joke so I'm sharing my experience with this attorney. Would I recommend Him? Most certainly! And I did recommend him to a friend who was pleased with his services and recommended him in turn to her brother. To the best of my knowledge they both had nothing but good things to say about his practices. 

– Anne (5 star review)

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