Celebi Law Relocation of Children

Celebi Law divorce attorneys represent clients in relocation of children matters. Relocation of children is a very real issue with many parents.  Celebi Law relocation of children attorney will help you achieve your goals in the matters of relocation. Relocation of Children in Everett is a complex matter.

The case gets worse if the relocation of the children is to a foreign country; the cost of visitation can be prohibitive and this means the father or the mother cannot even see his/her children for several years.

Celebi Law attorney  will  help you whether you are the petitioner or the respondent.

In Washington State the locating party has to serve and file a notice of relocation 60 days in advance of the intended relocation date, if there is an existing parenting plan.  If there is no parenting plan, then the 60 day notice requirement does not apply.

If you do not have an existing parenting plan and you think that the other party has an intend to relocate with your child, you need act promptly and talk to a knowledgeable family law attorney who has expertise in relocation cases.

Celebi Law represents parents in international relocation cases as well as in cases where the relocation is within the United States.

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