Modification of Parenting Plan

Modification of Parenting Plan in Washington State

Parenting plans, in Washington courts, are very difficult to modify if it is a major modification.  If the modification is a minor one it is somewhat easier.  Of course, if the parties agree to a modification it is infinitely easier in either case.  In fact some modification, such as visitation schedule, does not require any court order, so long as the parties agree.

However, people change, and what was once a amicable relationship with your ex becomes contentious and she decides she will no longer follow the agreed visitation schedule and reverts the to old visitation schedule that is in the  parenting plan.  Relying on the agreed schedule, you have changed your work schedule or otherwise have arranged your life around it.  But now, she is firm on practicing what is in the parenting plan; which means you have to rearrange your life around the visitation, again.  And if you cannot rearrange your life again to comply with the parenting plan you risk reduction in visitation time with your children.  Because the courts will tend to believe her and side with her.  There is definite prejudice against men in family courts in Washington State.

Prior to deciding on a modification, the court has to have an adequate cause hearing.  This is a threshold hearing which determines whether court will hold a full hearing on the merits of modification.

In some cases, attempting to modify a parenting plan is a waste of money and time when there is no agreement between the parties.  Courts have much discretion over parenting plans and their decisions are based on the standard of the best interest of the child.  That means, in deciding a parenting plan, the courts only consider what is in the best interest of the child.  They do not consider what is best interest of the parent.

Attorney KC Celebi will fight for your rights and will work very hard to bring every relevant fact before the court and will insist the court makes its final decision based on facts not hearsay.

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