Community Property | Divorce Attorney in Everett

Washington State is a community property state.  That means, all property acquired during the marriage belongs to both parties, and all property acquired prior to the marriage is considered separate property of the owner.  However, there are several conditions which convert a seemingly separate property into community property in part or whole.  In reality, there are no hard and fast rules; the statute that gives the courts the discretion to divided all of the property, separate and community, equitably between the parties.  Celebi Law divorce attorney for men in Everett has the expertise to help you in protecting what is yours.  For more information call to set up a free consultation session with your Celebi Law community property attorney.

How a particular property is characterized can be very confusing, especially in long term marriages.  One can lose large sums of money or property if the nature of the property is not characterized properly.  Celebi Law attorney will fight to protect your hard earned assets.

Most divorce issues, other than child custody, is centered around assets and liabilities.  We have many years of experience representing parties in community property issues.

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