Reasonable Attorney Fees

Divorce should not be an expensive process. We believe and work on the premise that the assets of the parties should  not be exhausted on attorney fees.  We realize that at the end of a divorce process, most of the time, the parties end up  paying their attorneys more than what is left for them. This is also true in all family law cases or in cases where the focus of litigation is money or property. Affordable divorce attorney or affordable family law attorney was a thing of the past.  However, we are bringing that past to the present.  At Celebi Law office, Affordable Divorce Attorney in Everett, we offer affordable divorce, affordable family law representation.  We also offer Free Consultation, up to thirty minutes, for case evaluation at Celebi Law, Affordable Family Law Attorney in Everett.

Vast majority of our clients ask these two questions first: “What are my rights?”, and “How much it will cost me for you to represent me?”  After all, a solid representation and cost of such representation are the main concerns of any client.

At Celebi Law Office, Affordable divorce attorney in Everett, we realize these facts and strive to provide our clients with the best representation at a very reasonable cost.  If we see that further litigation will end up costing you more than the benefits you may reap, we will tell you that, and provide you with alternatives that will reduce your attorney fees, and cut short of further litigation.  If, on the other hand we see that further litigation will benefit you then we will recommend that.  One thing you can be sure of at Celebi Law is that we put our clients’ interests above all.

In order to keep your attorney fees to a minimum we have devised the following fee structures. These fee structures are valid for new clients who are retained as of April 2017.

Hourly Fee / Retainer (for family law/ divorce cases)

Our hourly  fee varies from $185 to $215.  We always require a retainer, however the amount varies.  Payment plans are available.  Please call for more information. For immigration cases please visit: www.vizelaw.com

Fixed Fee

This fee structure can be used in specific cases where the matter litigated is regarding a single issue; such as child support order or its modification; parenting plan or its modification; agreed divorce; protection or harassment orders or such.  If we see that the court appearances are limited and the matter can be resolved without extended litigation we tend to offer our clients this alternative fee structure.  This way you will know ahead of time what your attorney fees will be and you can decide whether that fits your budget.

Ghost Writing

We also provide a service called “Ghost Writing”.  If you think you can represent yourself in court without help of an attorney, but you are not sure about what to file, how to file or what to write prior to your hearing, this may the way for you.  We can help you with writing pleadings, motion, declarations and other court documents.  This way you will  save considerable amount of money by not having an attorney attend hearings.  You also don’t have to pay for time attorneys spend on preparation for the hearings and the travel time to the court.  All you pay for is the preparation and drafting of the documents.  This service may be based on a fixed fee or  hourly fee structures, depending on what the case entails.

This service is offered for those clients who want representation in a specific area of the family law.  For example: In a divorce case with dependent children, where the assets and the debts are not a big issue or a point of contention but the child custody  is, the client may only want representation for the child custody part and is willing handle the rest of the issues himself.  This alternative meets the needs of such client.  The attorney fees for this service may be based on fixed fee or hourly fee structure depending on the needs and budget of the client.

Please call Celebi Law Office for a thirty minute free consultation for evaluation of your case and discuss which alternative may best fit your needs.

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